Civic Group


SE MN Rural Education & Resource Center

106 E 11th Street
St. Charles, MN 55972

(507) 932-5203

St. Charles Moose Lodge 1114

166 West 11th Street
St. Charles, MN 55972


Facilities for business meetings, family parties, business dinners & parties etc. We have Halloween parties, Christmas parties and other events for children, that are open to the public. We give out about 20 scholarships each year. We are a private club & our by-laws require a membership to use our facilities.

Whitewater Trailblazers Snowmobile Club

Jay Mollert - Club President
Wendell Ploetz
23620 County RD 115
Utica, MN 55979


We maintain 130 miles of trails in St. Charles, Dover, Utica, Altura & Lanesboro Areas. We are based out of St. Charles. Meetings are held each 3rd Thursday at Brewskies at 8:00 pm