The City of St. Charles Electric Department is a public electrical utility with the responsibility of serving the public's needs for power.

Power for our customers is purchased from Dairyland Power and dispersed through distribution lines, transformers and meters for each customer. The Department is responsible for the engineering, construction and maintenance of the system for distribution of electrical energy, including electric connects and disconnects, installing electrical facilities, and providing and maintaining back-up generation systems. The Department constructs and maintains electrical transformers, overhead and underground power lines and meters for power and water consumption.

We are committed to providing it's customers with superior electric services at competitive prices in an environmentally, responsible manner.

Please remember: The operation of a power system is a twenty-four hour, 365 day a year job. We strive to keep your power outages and their duration to a minimum, oftentimes in the worst of conditions. Should your outage last longer than hoped for, be assured that your friends at the St. Charles Electric Department will be working hard to restore your power.