The City of St. Charles operates under a Home Rule Charter, governed by four (4) at-large Councilmembers and the Mayor.

As the legislative body of the City, the Council is responsible for passing ordinances, resolutions, orders, and motions for the governing of the city, the control of the city’s property and finances, and the appropriation of money. These actions are taken at public meetings which are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month in the Council Chambers of city hall at 830 Whitewater Avenue. The general public is welcome to attend the meetings and offer comment on these actions.

The Council works with the city administration as well as other governmental entities and community organizations to develop worthwhile policies. The Council also appoints its own members of the public to serve on various boards and commissions, which propose or make recommendations to the Council on policy.

As elected representatives of the city’s citizens, the members of the Council welcome citizen questions, concerns and comments.

For information about the meetings, call the Office of the City Administrator at 507/932-3020. Agendas and meeting minutes are available on this website or can be received via email.

The current adopted City policy (or code) that governs many of the operations of the City can be found here:

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