1900 East 6th Street, Saint Charles, MN, USA
1801 East 6th Street Saint Charles Minnesota 55972 US

Fr. Timothy Biren – Parish Priest, Becky Storey Hunder-Administrator, Dennis Kunkel-Director of Evangelization, Angie Arndt-Administrative Asst.

1900 East 6th Street, St. Charles, MN 55972  http://www.borromeochurch.org.

Weekend Masses are held on Saturday @ 5:00 P.M. and Sunday @ 10:00 A.M
Daily Masses are on Tuesday @ 5:30 P.M. in St. Charles, 1st Thursday (2 P.M. St. Charles Asst. Living), 2nd Thursday (10:15 A.M. St. Charles Nursing Home), 3rd Thursday (12 noon at St. Borromeo), 4th Thursday (9:00 A.M. Arbor Gardens-Eyota), 5th Thursday (6:00 P.M. St. Borromeo), and Fridays @ 8:00 A.M.