Sidewalk Project 

Fitzgerald is continuing to finish and seed along Church and Richland, and possibly Bluff Avenues.  While the contractor is responsible for watering and growing the grass, some residents have elected to additionally water given the temperatures.  Chippewa Concrete is planning to return to complete the 4th Street Sidewalk extension the end of July 20th week.

Trails Project 

Snow Contracting has completed the trail construction work at this time until paving is completed. Trail paving has been delayed by the contractor.  Once trails are paved, Snow Contracting will complete restoration and final grading.

Street Project

Legends Concrete is working to complete pedestrian ramp work.  Legends also plans to start on removal and replacement of short sections of marked curb all throughout town beginning week of July 20th.  Their estimated goal is 400 feet of curb replacement a day.  Dunn Blacktop is working along side and staying ahead of Legends Concrete with curb removals and following with a restoration crew.  Dunn is also working on patching curbs.

Alley Project

Dunn Blacktop is slated to bring in a crew to shape and finalize alleys prior to paving.  A timeline has not finalized at this time.  Blacktop paving crews will begin on trails before moving to alleys, but the paving has been delayed at this time.

Schedules are subject to change, but we appreciate everyone’s patience.