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September 2021 – Project Update

(8/30 – 9/3)

Sidewalk Project 

Chippewa Concrete will complete the 4th Street sidewalk this week.

Street Project

Dunn Blacktop will begin Tuesday mainline paving in the following order: East 15th Street, Idso Ct. Gladiola Drive, Country View Drive, Richland Avenue, and East 13th Street.  Wednesday–will begin overlay paving.  Storm sewer installation will be performed by Alcon on East 2nd Street.  Thursday–mainline paving will continue to potentially two crews operating. Friday–mainline paving will continue.  Discussion is being held with respect to diverting to patching of areas ahead of chip sealing.

Alley Project

Dunn Blacktop anticipates completing alleys this week as they were delayed due to the heavy rains last week.

Water Tower Project

Painting continues.

Schedules are subject to change, but we appreciate everyone’s patience.


August 30th, 2021|

May 25, 2021 Project Update

Sidewalk Updates–Concrete removals have been completed, aside from sections that are slated to be removed and grass re-established.

Driveways and outwalks along 7th Street will be poured Tuesday (5/25) and will continue pouring mainline sidewalk through the week (weather permitting) within the 7th – 14th Street, east of Church Avenue.

Pedestrian ramp construction will continue through the end of the week.  Estimated completion of ramps north of 6th Street by the end of the week (weather permitting) and possibly begin working on ramps south of 6th Street midweek.

Street Updates–Concrete removal/replacement of pedestrian ramps and curbs related to street construction project proposed to begin June 7 north of Highway 14.

Trail Updates–Trail paving/construction to begin June 1 with the Hwy 14 section to Catholic church being completed first.

May 25th, 2021|

Resident Notice – Projects to begin 1st Week of May

Summer will be here soon and in order to take advantage of the construction season, so too will the 2021 Summer Infrastructure Project begin to take shape.  The city began planning for the 2021 construction project over a year ago with estimates being sought in the Fall of 2020.  As part of the April 13, 2021 City Council meeting, approval was authorized for the 2021 Summer Project that will include repairs to streets (chip sealing or sealing of existing streets with fresh oil and granite chips, mill and overlay with 2 inches of new asphalt, and reclaiming which will grind up existing asphalt and repave with 4 inches), replacement of curbs and sidewalks as required by Americans with Disability Act standards, improved or constructed ADA compliant pedestrian ramps for the improved walkability of our community, and the maintenance and construction of additional trails.

Due to the size and scope of the project, construction crews began with sidewalk and curb replacement the week of May 3rd.  Alley paving will also begin in May and the total project of street work will last through to September of 2021, weather contingent.  Many parts of the community will be affected by the project. Contractors are working to schedule their various portions of the project in order to have the least amount of impact on travel, but the project timeline will span from now through Fall of 2021.

Utility marking crews will begin placing flags for the safety of construction crews so that no interference to utilities will occur.  We ask that these safety identification flags be left in place.  We understand the inconvenience some of the construction may present and appreciate everyone’s understanding as we work to complete these projects as quickly as possible.  Below is a map that highlights the anticipated projects and areas that will be completed.   As City staff learn more about the specific project areas and timelines, more project updates will be provided.  Paper copies of the approved plan are also available at City Hall and updates will be posted on the city website at

St. Charles Project Map 2021

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