2021 Project Updates.

In a final push to complete the projects, construction crews are working together to coordinate their schedules. Contractors are estimating that all projects will be completed by the end of October, but may be sooner.

Chattanooga Innovation Park

Legends completed the concrete curb and gutter along the extension of Enterprise Drive and Dunn Blacktop completed the first two required lifts of bituminous last Friday and Saturday.  A final lift will be installed in the spring.  This is done to allow for the pavement to settle and to allow for corrections after a winter freeze.

Crosswalks/Trails/Road Striping Project 

A painting crew will begin their process upon completion of the street paving.  Additionally, trail crossings, selected pedestrian crossings, city parking lots requiring painting, and selected streets will be painted over the next several weeks.

Street Project

Both Legends Concrete and Dunn Blacktop have stated that they intend to be in town the week of October 11th and will work to complete the necessary concrete curbing in order for Dunn Blacktop to finish several projects along with completion of the milled streets in town along with finishing any additional patches, etc.

Casting Adjustments


Floorcoat Midwest stated they will be working on casting adjustments along Oakview Drive, Northwoods Drive, and E 4th Street this week. If Dunn does not pave anything this week, the crew plans to start adjusting gate valves on streets where they have completed manhole adjustments (Richland Avenue, E 13th Street, E 15th Street, Idso Court, Gladiola Drive, Country View Lane, and Oakview Drive).

Schedules are subject to change, but we appreciate everyone’s patience.