(8/30 – 9/3)

Sidewalk Project 

Chippewa Concrete will complete the 4th Street sidewalk this week.

Street Project

Dunn Blacktop will begin Tuesday mainline paving in the following order: East 15th Street, Idso Ct. Gladiola Drive, Country View Drive, Richland Avenue, and East 13th Street.  Wednesday–will begin overlay paving.  Storm sewer installation will be performed by Alcon on East 2nd Street.  Thursday–mainline paving will continue to potentially two crews operating. Friday–mainline paving will continue.  Discussion is being held with respect to diverting to patching of areas ahead of chip sealing.

Alley Project

Dunn Blacktop anticipates completing alleys this week as they were delayed due to the heavy rains last week.

Water Tower Project

Painting continues.

Schedules are subject to change, but we appreciate everyone’s patience.