Energy Star Rebates

|Energy Star Rebates
Energy Star Rebates

When looking for new products for your home, look for those that are a minimum of ENERGY STAR rated. ENERGY Star was created to help consumers easily identify products, homes and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment.

Rebates will not exceed the purchase price.

St. Charles Utility Customers may qualify for our Single Family Home Energy Efficiency Rebates. To be eligible, customers must meet the following conditions:

  1. A St. Charles Utility customer must purchase the qualified energy-star appliance (owner occupied residence only).
  2. The appliance must be installed in a St. Charles residence prior to applying for the rebate.
  3. The appliance must be new and purchased at retail price.
  4. Submission of the copy of the sales invoice which includes the following information:
    Store name; date of purchase; make/model; price and yellow tag showing energy star emblem.
  5. There are not forms to fill out; we just need to make copies of the above.

The City of St. Charles reserves the right to verify eligibility and installation of the appliance. Rebates are processed on a first come first serve basis until funds are depleted with a maximum benefit of $500.00 per year. Rebates will be processed for purchases made within six months of submission.

Residential Energy Star Rebates


Appliance Rebates *Not to exceed 50% of cost
Refrigerators $150
Dishwashers $50
Clothes Washers $100
Room Air Conditioners $15
Dehumidifiers (Recycle old and purchase new to qualify) $15
Freezers $50
Energy Saving Power Strips $15*


Electric Rebates: 
Central Air Conditioners $100 w/ building
(14 SEER or greater)
Air Source Heat Pumps/Furnace $150 w/building
(14 SEER / 90% efficient or greater)
Geothermal Heat Pumps $200/ton
Custom rebate depending on system capacity, configuration and minimum standard efficiency ratings
Furnace Fan Motors $75 Not to exceed 50% of cost
Custom Custom Work with Franklin Energy for deemed savings


LED Bulbs (10 watts or less) $5 not to exceed 50% of the total cost
LED Bulbs (Greater than 10 watts) $10 not to exceed 50% of the total cost
LED Light Fixtures(Hardwired Only) $20 not to exceed 50% of the total cost
LED Holiday Lights & Decorations $200 (max)


Bonus Recycling Rebates: *Not to exceed 50% of cost (must be energy star)
Freezer $35*
Refrigerator $35*
Room Air Conditioner $15*
Dehumidifier $15*


A/C Tune Up Rebate $50* For the completion of a professional clean and tune up of their central A/C between the dates of May 1 and July 31, 2015.  **Must be performed by a licensed and insured heating/cooling contractor and they must complete the service checklist on the application.
Energy Audit Rebate 50% of audit cost up to $100 w/ copy of audit report*
On-demand tankless water heater $150* When replacing an existing electric water heater
Programmable Thermostat (Not eligible in new homes) $15* Not to exceed cost
ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat $50