When looking for new products for your home, look for those that are a minimum of ENERGY STAR rated. ENERGY Star was created to help consumers easily identify products, homes and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment.

Rebates will not exceed the purchase price.

St. Charles Utility Customers may qualify for our Single Family Home Energy Efficiency Rebates. To be eligible, customers must meet the following conditions:


  1. Qualifying equipment must be installed on property served by St. Charles municipal electric utility and is subject to inspection.
  2. Rebate offers apply to new equipment only. Reconditioned, refurbished, or second-hand equipment is not eligible for a rebate.
  3. Attach itemized receipt or invoice for qualifying equipment including the following information:
    • Store or contractor name
    • Date of purchase or installation
    • Make/model of qualifying equipment
    • Price of qualifying equipment
  4. Attach yellow tag showing ENERGY STAR emblem if applicable.
  5. Attach LED light bulb/fixture information showing actual watts used and output wattage. (i.e. 9w used/60w output)
  6. Attach building permit for heating and cooling equipment where noted.
  7. Application must be submitted no later than 6 months from the purchase date. Paperwork submitted after January 31, 2023 will fall under 2023 program rules and rebate levels.
  8. Rebates are subject to program fund availability and are not guaranteed.

The City of St. Charles reserves the right to verify eligibility and installation of the appliance. Rebates are processed on a first come first serve basis until funds are depleted with a maximum benefit of $500.00 per year. Rebates will be processed for purchases made within six months of submission.

Residential Energy Star Rebates


Not to exceed $500 total per year      
Additional rebates are available for recycling working refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and room air-conditioners. See recycling flyer or call City Hall for more information (507) 932-3020

ENERGY STAR® Refrigerators
(7.75 cu. ft. or greater)


ENERGY STAR® Compact Refrigerators
(Less than 7.75 cu. ft.)

ENERGY STAR® Freezers $50
ENERGY STAR® Dishwashers $50
ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washers $100
ENERGY STAR® Clothes Dryers $25
ENERGY STAR® Room  Air Conditioners $15
ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifiers $15
ENERGY STAR® Air Purifiers $25
TOTAL REBATE (must  be less than  50%  of the total purchase cost)


Central Air Conditioners
(14 SEER or Greater)
$100 per unit
Central A/C Tune-ups $50 per unit
Air-Source Heat Pumps
(15 SEER or Greater)
$150 per unit
Geothermal Heat Pumps
(16 SEER or Greater)
$200 per ton
Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pumps
(15 SEER or Greater)
$200 per ton
Energy Star bath fan
Heat Pump Water Heaters
$25 per unit
$200 per unit
Programmable Thermostats
(Not Eligible in New Homes)
ENERGY STAR® Smart Thermostats $50


LED Bulbs (up to 15 Watts) $5 per bulb (Up to 50% Max per Pack)
LED Bulbs (16 Watts or greater) $10 per bulb (Up to 50% Max per Pack)
LED Light Fixtures $20 per Fixture
Energy Star Ceiling Fans $25 per Fixture

TOTAL REBATE (must be less than 50% of installed cost, not to exceed $200)


Rebate limit of 2 appliances per category per account
Freezer $35*
Refrigerator $35*
Room Air Conditioner $15*
Dehumidifier $15*